Infrastructure Services & Network Optimization

Spending too much for just mediocre connectivity? Dual Prism can help you modernize your network.

Optimize connectivity & security

Upgrade and optimize your technology backbone with Dual Prism’s cutting-edge infrastructure consulting and implementation services. Our expert team focuses solely on enhancing your business efficiency and productivity through the following strategic approach:

  • Top-notch network design
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Comprehensive IT support

Network Assessment, Design & Implementation Services

We deploy advanced tools and techniques to help you transform, monitor and manage your network infrastructure, allowing you to identify and resolve issues proactively. From network design and configuration to troubleshooting and maintenance, we provide end-to-end advisory services that keep your business connected and running smoothly. On a recent engagement, we streamlined the network architecture for a multinational company, resulting in the following:

  • 30% increase in network speed
  • Significant reduction in downtime

Cloud Computing Services

Take advantage of the power and flexibility of cloud computing with Dual Prism’s comprehensive cloud consulting services covering public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments. Our team of cloud experts will guide you through migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, ensuring scalability, cost-efficiency, and robust data security. On a recent engagement, we assisted a growing e-commerce startup in migrating infrastructure to the cloud, resulting in the following:

  • 40% reduction in operational costs
  • Improved scalability during peak seasons

Reliable IT Support

From hardware and software troubleshooting to system upgrades and data backups, we offer comprehensive IT support services to keep your operations running smoothly. Our dedicated IT support team is available round the clock to promptly address any technical issues or concerns. On a recent engagement, we provided IT support to a retail customer with national outlets during a significant hardware failure, ensuring:

  • Uninterrupted access to critical systems
  • Safeguarding sensitive customer data

Invest in Dual Prism’s infrastructure services to optimize your technology backbone and gain a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape. Our network infrastructure services, cloud computing services, and reliable IT support will empower your organization to thrive in an increasingly connected world.

Contact us today to discuss your infrastructure needs and discover how Dual Prism can elevate your business.

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Examples of work we’ve done for our customers:

  • Network design optimization to integrate cloud and customer’s own data center seamlessly.

  • Database workload design to simplify integration, enhance performance and speed up return on investment in database technologies.

  • Security measures to strengthen posture against internal and external threats and implement industry-leading threat intelligence for customer’s cloud and infrastructure fabric.

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