Infrastructure Services & Network Optimization

Spending too much for just mediocre connectivity? Dual Prism can help you modernize your network.

Optimize connectivity & security

Upgrade and optimize your technology backbone with Dual Prism’s cutting-edge infrastructure consulting and implementation services. Our expert team focuses solely on enhancing your business efficiency and productivity through the following strategic approach:

  • Top-notch network design
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Comprehensive IT support

Boost Your IT Operations

Our infrastructure services ensure your IT operations are efficient, secure, and reliable. We offer infrastructure assessment and design, network architecture and security optimization, cloud integration and migration, performance enhancement, and ongoing management.

Partner with us to build a robust technology infrastructure.

Infrastructure Assessment and Design: We evaluate the current IT infrastructure, identify areas of improvement, and design a new infrastructure plan. This evaluation could result in upgrading servers, switching to virtualized environments, or restructuring networks for better performance and security.

Network Architecture and Security Optimization: We design and implement secure network architectures. The outcome might involve configuring firewalls, implementing intrusion detection systems, or establishing VPNs for secure remote access.

Cloud Integration and Migration: As with cloud consulting, we assist in migrating infrastructure to the cloud, including helping to select suitable cloud services, carrying out the migration, and providing support post-migration.

Performance Enhancement: We optimize infrastructure for better performance. This optimization might result in tweaking network configurations, upgrading hardware, or implementing software solutions to improve efficiency.


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Examples of work we’ve done for our customers:

  • Network design optimization to integrate cloud and customer’s own data center seamlessly.

  • Database workload design to simplify integration, enhance performance and speed up return on investment in database technologies.

  • Security measures to strengthen posture against internal and external threats and implement industry-leading threat intelligence for customer’s cloud and infrastructure fabric.

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