Healthcare IT

In an industry as pivotal and personal as healthcare, technology can be a true lifesaver.

Empowering Healthcare through Technology

Bringing Technological Innovation to Healthcare

At Dual Prism, we’re dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform healthcare. Our Healthcare IT practice is built on deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, delivering tailor-made solutions for today’s healthcare challenges.

Advanced EHR Systems
We implement sophisticated EHR systems like Epic and Cerner, enhancing interoperability and data sharing across healthcare networks. We streamline clinical workflows and improve patient care through automation and AI integration.

IoMT Integration
We help incorporate innovative IoMT technologies into your healthcare infrastructure, from wearable devices to smart medical equipment. We focus on enhancing real-time data collection, improving patient monitoring, and driving predictive health insights.

Telemedicine Solutions
We integrate leading telemedicine platforms such as Teladoc and, enabling you to offer high-quality virtual care. We connect providers with patients wherever they are through cloud-based email, video conferencing, AI chatbots, and secure messaging.

Data Analytics and AI
We leverage cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to build robust healthcare data analytics solutions. Using tools like Apache Hadoop for big data processing and TensorFlow for machine learning, we help you uncover actionable insights from your healthcare data.

Cloud Migration & Transformation
We assist in migrating your healthcare infrastructure to the cloud using secure and HIPAA-compliant services like AWS HealthLake and Google Cloud Healthcare API. We aim to optimize performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring patient data privacy.

Cybersecurity & Compliance
Our team ensures the security of your healthcare data with advanced cybersecurity solutions like firewall management, intrusion detection systems, and secure VPNs. We also help maintain compliance with healthcare regulations through services like AWS’s HIPAA Eligible Services and Azure’s Blueprints for HIPAA/HITECH.

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