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I originally wrote this piece as a LinkedIn article back in 2016 and recently decided to update it for this blog post when I came across a rather large organization that’s still attempting to tame the beast otherwise known as On-Premise Exchange Server – I guess some things just never change!

As I stated back in 2016, we can all agree that email is still as crucial to most businesses just as it was in years past; however, like most legacy technology, email has become a commodity that shouldn’t cost smart IT decision makers and their organizations “an arm and a leg” as it does today.

That brings me to those three key steps I promised in the title:

  1. Avoid the expensive pitfall of trying to replicate 10-15-year-old business processes (i.e., using email as a file repository, or heavy Public Folders reliance) on new cloud email platforms from the likes of Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite.
  2. Instead, guide your organization toward making minor, but often painful changes required to take full advantage of these modern cloud-based email platforms.
  3. Then, ditch the traditional phased deployment methodology in favor of a rapid deployment to save time and money while moving your organization forward.

Following this advice may not make you the most popular IT manager within your organization, but you are being paid to know better, right? Most of us were happy as a clam with our corporate issued Blackberry and didn’t know we needed a “real” smartphone to satisfy all our mobility needs until Steve Jobs gave us the iPhone in 2007.  Guess what? Steve and his prodigies at Apple knew better, and we all know how that played out.

Word to the wise: the key to a successful cloud email migration is still KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), just as it was back in 2016.


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Peter Toriola

Peter Toriola, Principal at Dual Prism LLC is an experienced and performance-driven IT professional with large enterprise experience and proven ability to deliver IT solutions that align with his clients’ strategic business goals and objectives. Peter is passionate about cloud technologies and can be reached at